When you come into my psychotherapy office, I believe you are entering into a space of potential – in between your external life and your internal world. A special setting that facilitates exploration, working through, revitalization, and meaning.


This is the basis upon which everything else becomes possible.


Life is inherently difficult yet,


Before you can begin the process of healing or making changes, you have to have a safe place and a dedicated time in which you can come to understand what is causing your suffering, and how best to heal, grow, and move forward.


It would also be helpful to have someone who can really be with you through the process. Someone who can "hold" you emotionally. Who can help you caringly examine your life and gain insight. Who will foster your internal growth and cultivate your capacity to cope with and thrive in your outside life.


These pages provide you with a glimpse into the ways I can provide this for you, and how I work as a clinical psychologist. I welcome you to come and see...


Art by Jan Zaremba.