Some individuals worry that psychotherapy by itself couldn’t address all of who they are:


  • They have a yearning to include their spiritual or religious life or their quest for meaning in their journey of self-discovery and growth.

  • Their relationship with God, their spiritual search, or their existential angst is so central to how they experience themselves and the world that to exclude it from their internal work wouldn’t seem right.


If this describes you, I offer spiritual counseling. Using your religious tradition or other spiritual perspectives as a framework for exploring your inner life, I will assist you


  • In making sense of what you’ve been through

  • In finding skillful ways to meet suffering

  • In discovering a sense of meaning and purpose


Sometimes spiritual counseling evolves to include more traditional psychotherapeutic work as well. I believe this to be a wonderful and incredibly fruitful convergence. Including psychological understanding and emtional healing in spiritual counseling has the potential to nurture a freer, more expansive spiritual life.


Drawing on the breadth of my experience – my training as a Zen Buddhist monk, my studies of religion and spirituality, my time as a Hospice Chaplain, and my work as a Clinical Psychologist – I believe I am uniquely qualified to find the most helpful perspective and spiritual direction for you and your individual situation.

Art by Jan Zaremba.