Art by Jan Zaremba.



I am trained in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. This approach allows me to focus on you as an individual – your particular struggles and unique strengths. And to develop a meaningful context within which we can begin to make sense of your experiences, and through which your growth can unfold. 


  • Whether you’re experiencing upsetting conflicts or painful dissatisfaction in your important relationships

  • Whether you’re currently too stressed out at work or in school

  • Whether you feel stuck in your own efforts to make changes

  • Whether you’re struggling to find purpose and joy in your everyday life

  • Whether you feel haunted by the “ghosts” of your past

  • Whether you just don’t like the way you feel about yourself…


In our work together, you will have the time and space to deeply process what you’re going through. I’ll help you examine your situation from different perspectives, including its emotional resonance and its meaning in your life as a whole. 


We’ll strive to get “underneath” your symptoms to understand the deeper feelings and ways of being that are present in your everyday difficulties. At times, we will explore your past in order to make sense of the continuing impact of your childhood experiences. And we’ll be receptive to your unconscious – your dreams, and your thoughts and feelings that hover just outside of your awareness – so that we can integrate “lost” aspects of yourself and follow your deepest longings.


I have found that this kind of internal work taking place within a containing therapeutic relationship has the potential to help you feel more authentic and alive in your relationships, pursuits, and daily life.