Did you ever wonder why what originally attracted you so much to your partner is the very thing that now drives you crazy?


Or how your passionate romance has gradually turned into a distant and perfunctory relationship?


Are you sometimes shocked to find that you act toward your partner just like your parents treated each other?


If you’re interested in trying to get a better sense of what’s actually going on in your relationship, then you should consider couples therapy.


In couples therapy


  • I provide a safe, impartial environment where you and your partner can really work on your relationship

  • I help you get underneath those same old arguments or break through that seemingly impenetrable wall to the deeper dynamics of your relationship


In the process, you’ll have new relational experiences with each other that may become a template for a different way of being together.


I believe that couples therapy has the potential to open up a relationship to previously unimagined levels of intimacy. And to foster a connection within which each of you can express love, feel appreciated, and thrive.


Art by Jan Zaremba.